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About Us  

For 20 years, Morrigan has worked alongside a number of UK based artists to develop their creative works into commercialized giftware ranges, with the potential to excel in today’s highly competitive retail industry. 

Currently, we are the sole distributors of three sought-after brands: The Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph, Leslie Gerry and Julian Friers.

The brands all share an “Animal” theme, yet each is unique in its suitability for different sub-markets, both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

Leslie Gerry’s “Urban” range is a break from our traditional product portfolio. His New York artwork provides the basis for an elegant urban/cityscape series.

We have an extensive range including tableware, kitchen textiles and stationery, allowing you to select an array of products ideally suited to your store.

The diversity across our collections has allowed us to gain vast amounts of experience working with a variety of consumer groups. These include, but are not limited to, tourist shops, garden centres, art galleries, museums, small independent stores and larger department stores. The experience we have gained allows us to make highly tailored recommendations on which products will work best for you, based on your geographical location and target demographics. 

Alongside our supplier relationships, we also deal directly with the retail market through our own e-commerce websites and maintain various licensing relationships internationally.

Our primary goal is one of continual development, both internally at Morrigan Ltd, but more importantly, alongside undiscovered creative artistic talent. The launch of our new website, and online wholesale ordering system, is a major step towards consolidating our existing UK customer base, whilst also fuelling our expansion into the international gift markets.


In 1986, Morrigan Press opened as a small brand development company operating out of an old barn in rural Northern Ireland. Started as a partnership between friends Herbert Aspley and Julian Friers, the company has since become Morrigan Ltd. 

In the early 1990’s Wildlife art surged in popularity. With Julian’s growing renown as a leading international artist, there was an excellent opportunity to sell original paintings and limited-edition prints. Morrigan diversified quickly to selling open-ended editions into the UK gift market. 

In the early 2000’s Morrigan took a new direction, Julian left the company to pursue other artistic projects, whilst Morrigan Press became Morrigan Ltd.

Tom Stephenson first started working with Morrigan in 2003 and shortly after “The Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph” was created. Although initially launched on an experimental basis, it quickly became apparent that there was huge market potential. Since then, the range has grown from a small selection of greetings cards to an iconic collection of over one hundred paintings and thousands of diverse products.

In 2015, Morrigan launched the Leslie Gerry “Animal” range. It was Leslie’s distinct drawing style with bold colours and sharp edges that drew the attention of directors Herbert Aspley and David McFarland. Although the brand differs from Morrigan’s traditional portfolio, it has proved to be a very successful addition and continues to grow. 

Due to a renewed demand for wildlife-themed giftware and fine art prints, the Julian Friers brand was relaunched in 2016. A variety of Julian’s most popular artworks were used to create the newest product range in Morrigan’s expanding portfolio.